Friday, August 12, 2011

Cancer Treatments - New Discoveries Reported

Nutritional treatments for cancer is interestingly to me as it deals with the benefits of using a nutritional approach to or with cancer treatments. While I don't believe all that I read, I do read claims and studies such as this to be informed and make up my own mind. I hope other people are open minded but at least a little skeptical when they read claims and studies. However there is no mistaking that a nutritional approach to diseases, and that includes cancer, can benefit many patients. I have read a report, which I'm trying to find now, that relates to how well certain types of cancer patients react to a high quality, high daily dose of grape seed extract. Do you own research; Take charge of your own health; and, Be an informed consumer.

This is of a particular interest to me as I have recently lost two close friends, both in their early 50's to cancer. Both their Cancer Doctor's told them NOT to take nutritional supplements as there is a possibility that these supplements would make the cancer cells harder to kill. There is no known research that even suggests this, but there is research that suggest high quality nutritional supplements will help protect normal cells during chemo but will not protect cancerous cells during the same treatment. Again, do your own research and make up your own mind.

I post this information, on the book and research describe below, not having an opinion of it's efficacy or validity, but do it none the less, in case readers are interested. The text below are not my words, but those of the report I was sent.

TPH BOOK: "Cancer: The Cure is in the Food"

Available by calling 1-877-817-9829 or order online at

Francis Hart (Col.Joe) has written an amazing book based on thousands of hours of research, experiments, and applied practice using integrative medicine. Within this book you will be introduced to a dietary procedure for the treatment of disease and the freedom to choose.

Few people, including doctors, are aware of its critical medical importance. As a result of scientific testing, it has been reported that oxalic acid is a normal chemical in mammals, including humans. The author has discovered oxalic acid as a natural, God-given chemotherapy. This book details the necessity of OXALIC ACID in the body's blood stream. What enhances it - - - and what blocks it!

Chapters include:

The Hart Dietary Procedure Plan - Oxalic Acid Definitions and Purpose - Avoid the Blockers - Electric Magnetic Fields - Supplementation - Precautions - Applications - Cancer Diets for Adults, Adolescents, Children, Dogs and Cats - Other Specific Health Challenges - Recipes
......and much, much more!

Other book of interest: Oxalic Acids in Biology and Medicine by A. Hodgkinson

More information at Col Joe's website:

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