Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Human Glucosamine for Dogs?

MyAchingKnees.com received a question from a reader: "While looking at a bunch of web sites and blogs on joints and found your site. Did I see your name on a site talking about joint supplements for dogs? If so, am I remembering correctly that you can give dogs human glucosamine products?"

You bet you did. Not only can you give your dog glucosamine, but only half (or less) of a human dose is required due to the dog's weight (unless you have some giant Marmaduke type dog).

Alot of Vets are using the same pharmaceutical grade Glucosamine product as I take, which is not only much more pure and potent, it doesn't require the pre-loading up front because it is pure and potent.

A great point of using the same Glucosamine I am using is also the cost. I have used liquid, powder and pill Glucosamine on my dogs in the past (with minimal results), and it usually costs around $25 a month to feed them this supplement. While I have no problem paying $25 a month for my dog's joint comfort, once I switched to using the same Glucosamine product I take, it cut the cost to about $12 a month (wholesale price).

Plus, on a pharmaceutical grade product you can assured there are no toxins,..it is bio-available (usable by the body), and have great dissolution. Products have to meet these standards to receive the United States Pharmacopoeia (USP) certification and be able to be listed in the Physicians Desk Reference (PDR).

I think you'll see a big difference putting your dog on our pharmaceutical grade glucosamine.

You can go to this site and order a bottle,...it's called Procosa II, and at $28.74 (retail) this bottle would last you 56 days for a dog up to 100 lbs. Cheap way to find out if it'll work for your dog as well as it has worked out for me and my dogs.

For Information on the Products I recommend, click here, to contact me.

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  1. Well thanks for such a nice blog. It's precise and to the point. I'm looking for some glucosamine supplements for my dog and I came across a couple of sites which said that human glucosamine could not be give to dogs because it might be harmful to them. I've checked out a new glucosamine supplement at http://amzn.to/1qkTL6t but I'm not sure if I can give it to my dog without consulting the vet....can you please help me??