Sunday, September 12, 2010

Magnets for Chronic Joint Pain Relief? received a questions from a reader asking "If those magnets you see in the stores and on TV actually work to diminish chronic knee pain."

I have actually tried magnets about 10 years ago, receiving several different sets from a relative who knew about my (then) great knee pain. I tried them for at least three months using socks with magnets, a magnetic knee brace and magnetic knee elastic band, and also, an elastic magnetic band my elbows.

I think the idea behind the magnets is to promote blood circulation and therefore restoration of the damaged cells. But if you think about it this way,...that increased circulation doesn't do much of any good when your body is deficient in the nutrients needed for regeneration and the defense against degenerative oxidative stress and inflammation.

I know now the best defense against the ravages of degenerative disease and chronic joint pain is to give your body the highest quality nutritional supplements and optimizers to combat the oxidative stress and resultant free radical and inflammation damage.

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