Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Reader Question: Will Glucosamine Rid Me of Chronic Knee Pain received the reader questions: "Will Glucosamine rid me of my Chronic Knee Pain that I have had for the psst 10 years and has been increasing as I get older?"

Yes, I believe Glucosamine will help your knees providing you take a high quality Glucosamine (I take a pharmaceutical grade Glucosamine listed in the Physicians Desk Reference - PDR), and, if your chronic knee pain is caused, in part, by poor quality knee cartilage health for which Glucosamine provides nutritional benefits to. If your chronic knee pain is caused by bone spurs, cracked knee cap or other structural damage, Glucosamine will still helps your knees, but probably not reduce your pain significantly.

I also believe that enhanced optimal benefits would be achieved with advanced doses of high quality Nutritional Supplements to reduced the oxidative stress and repair the damage caused by free radicals and the associated inflammation. I take the highest rated Nutritional Supplement on the market. I will take these the rest of my life, which thanks in a large part to these pharmaceutical grade supplements, I will be living much longer and dying much shorter. It has worked for me.

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