Friday, February 18, 2011

New Fitness Site

Saw a new fitness site that promises a different look at being fit - which is one of the legs of the Chair of Health - being physical active.

The website site, called "Stress Free Fit", advertises the following: "Stress Free Fitness Overview - The stress free fitness philosophy or concept consist of three core elements; Motivation, Consistency and Visualization. Together these elements, when working together, create a baseline or foundation for all fitness programs. Just about everything in life needs or has a foundation and nothing lasts too long without a good one. Therefore in order for an exercise program to provide long term positive results you must be aware of the foundation and get it energized or sparked and get the elements rotating. In my opinion everyone has the fire or at least a pilot light burning, so SPARK IT UP!

StressFreeFit also has a Facebook page, where one can go and (I guess) "like it"? and receive updates when this site posts articles or links to articles.

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  1. This is really great site for fitness related. I want some Yoga tutorial site. Thanks for this important link. I will visit that site very soon.