Friday, May 13, 2011

Cactus Juice? Yeah, Right!

I recently saw a television infomercial on a cactus juice a company is marketing to reduce inflammation the root cause of many illnesses’ and diseases, including knee, back and other joint pain. While inflammation, caused by free radicals associated with oxidative stress do cause many degenerative diseases, cactus juice or any juice for that matter offers problems for the consumer. Namely, required refrigerated storage to maintain any potency and viability (bio availability and efficacy) of the product. You are still getting a food grade product that while may be manufactured under Good Manufacturing Practices it is still not a pharmaceutical grade product.

Anyway, what I found funny about the product was that is was made from Prickly Pear Cactus (called Nopol) and the infomercial showed Saguaro cactus (picture above) on the screen. These are two greatly different cactus species. The infomercial also stated that the Cactus juice was great because the cactus endures all sorts of environmental conditions,…from extreme heat to extreme cold,…..alluding to that the cactus would also do the same for humans.

The Prickly Pear or Nopol cactus is the least hardy of the cactus species being very susceptible to extreme heat and cold. In fact, a couple large Prickly Pear batches out in front of my house dies during our earlier sub 10 degree temperature.

Anyway, do I need to say it again?......Let the Buyer beware. I’m sticking to pharmaceutical grade nutritional supplements because of their science and their guarantee.

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  1. You are wise!! Thanks for the heads up!