Monday, May 23, 2011

Thanks for the Glucosamine - But Love the Phyto-Estrogen received the following e-mail from a client: Just wanted to drop you’re a note and tell you how the products are helping my wife and I. If you don’t remember me, we connected on e-mail, then on a phone call. I’m the guy who said “I’m tired of feeling sick and tired.” And you replied “hey, I use that quote all the time as a question.” You also sent me a document with the supplement ranks. Whether you remember or not, I started the products. I’m taking the adult formulation and I was able to get my wife, who tends to be a non-believer in nutritional supplements, to take the daily supplement for teenagers. I actually forgot to order the Glucosamine, but included it on my second order. Now we have been taking the daily supplements for four months and my knee pain is gone. I walk stairs at work and going downstairs hurt worse, but now can do it without any pain. I have been meaning to write but felt obligated when I found out my wife also ordered the Phyto Estrogen product (she is 48 years old) and was experiencing hot flashes and mood swings. She tells me she started out taking one tablet a day and hasn’t felt the need to take the recommended dose of 3 pills day. Do you think there will be point when I can stop taking the Glucosamine, or should I just plan on taking it forever? Thanks, Jeff, South Carolina.

Jeff, thanks for writing. I don’t often hear from people. I still see their orders clear, so I am thinking they are doing well on the products, but I appreciate the direct feedback. My wife too, uses the Phyto Estrogen product and takes only one tablet. She had previously taken estrogen pills and creams to no effect. She says her mood swings are gone and still has the occasional hot flashes but won’t increase her dose. Women!,…if you figure them out, drop me a line,…..and some instructions.

I also experienced more pain going down stairs or down hill. I think the momentum of your body carrying forward as you plant your foot stresses the knee joint and especially so when it is un-healthy. My knee pain, when going uphill, is completely gone but occasionally I get a twinge stepping down stairs but nothing near like it was.

The Glucosamine is not intended to treat the symptoms of pain from the joints pain, but rather to provide nutrients to cartilage, so even length of time you stay on the Glucosamine will make provide the nutrients intended for joint cartilage. I like the results so I will most assuredly stay on the product as long as possible. And the Comparative Guide on Supplements was an eye opener, wasn't it.

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