Monday, May 16, 2011

Question About Electrical Stimulation Machines for Pain Management received a question from a reader on electronic therapy devices,……What do you think about electrical pain control machines? A friend of mine told me that her friend uses one and it helps with her back pain? I have knee pain and do not want to take any pain killers. Thanks, Teresa.

Teresa, first of all, good for you not wanting to take pain killers. I refuse to take even NSAIDS like Ibuprofen and Acetaminophen.

I think what you are thinking about with the electrical therapy devices that blocks pain is actually called a Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation or TENS for short. These devices send electrical impulses through electrodes placed over your area of pain. TENS is very safe and has not side effects. And if a TENS unit works for you or anybody else and can keep you from taking pain killers, then drive by all means use it.

A decent TENS unit is designed to do several things: to work by three different methods:

- The electrical current is thought to stimulate the body's release of pain reducing endorphins.

- The electrical current is thought to intercepts pain signals before they reach the brain.

- The TENS increases blood flow in the local affected area thereby thought to increase recovery and healing time. I know a weight trainer who tells me that it helps drive lactic acid out of his muscles.

Most of the manufacturers of TENS units will tell you that you should not use the device if you have heart problems; using a pace maker; are pregnant; have seizures; or have ear hair,…..just kidding about the ear hair.

I have used a TENS quite regularly with Chiropractic care, however in the last five years I have not had the need to see my Chiropractor so I am out of the loop on the newer TENS devices.

I believe the electrical stimulation of my back muscles with the constant contraction and extension help relax my back to keep from tight muscles affecting my spinal alignment and therefore the pain. The increase blood flow to that area is sufficient reason in my mind to use a TENS.

Most people will find that 10-15 minutes a day or just a couple times a week will help. However, the TENS device is really not providing other than temporary relief. I still suggest the people take high quality nutritional supplements that can treat the cause of your pain, which in many cases is the damage from oxidative stress.

One of the high rated TENS unit is the AuraWave units (pictured above), available on-line, at K-Mart or from below.

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