Saturday, May 7, 2011

Haybert's Diabetes and Bad Knees

A gentleman named Haybert (not his real name) came to see me the other day, telling me that one of my clients, Ron, was telling Haybert he needed to take the Glucosamine product for his knees as Ron started months ago and now has eliminated his knee pain where he can run again.

Haybert asked me about the product, then told me he also has diabetes type II. I told Haybert that his adult onset diabetes was largely a controllable disease and in fact, many, many people have eliminated their Diabetes type II symptoms through good nutrition and life style changes.

Haybert said he wasn't too worried about his diabetes because he gets the appropriate medical support from his medical insurance carrier and a local diabetes clinic.

So I then told him that the same root causes of his knee pain are part of the same problem that brought about his Adult Onset Diabetes, and that root cause was oxidative stress and free radical damage from a poor diet and lack of nutrients to his body.

Haybert said he wasn't interested in "any of that", just wanted to know if the same "knee pain pills" that Ron is taking would help his bad knees as well.

I said yes, the pharmaceutical grade glucosamine would most likely help his knees and was worth the cost (less than $30 a month) to find out in a 30 to 60 day trial. I also said that he can optimize the best results by losing alittle weight (he is about 50 lbs overweight); eating better foods and reducing bad foods, and taking a high quality nutritional supplement so the glucosamine can be optimized and his body can get the nutrients it needs to combat oxidative stress.

Well, what I learned from the exchange with Haybert is that I must have given him too much information and from this he envisioned too big of a change in his lifestyle for his comfort. He said, "well, I'll think about trying the knee pain pills out and get back to you."

I'm not holding my breath. You can only help people who are willing to help themselves.

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